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Putty and body fillers

Putty is a filler material that is used to provide a right and perfect level to the surface, and also filler hollows, craters, cracks, dents and imperfections that may contain the surface.

The putty is a compound whose unique function is to fill and repair which after further sanding to get a level and aesthetically correct surface, putty has no protective function or specific to improve the properties of the applied surface, its only function is to achieve level and restore small areas.

The putties must have the following characteristics:

Types of putties

In the market exist in different types of putties, the selection of suitable putty depends mainly on the surface (dimension, material , etc…) on which to apply, and the type of work to be done.

Then you can find a summary of the characteristics of each of the families of putties used in the paint area, which are available on the market:

The polyester based putty is more widespread and used putty, is a 2-component material (resin + hardener), which have mixed in the proper ratio prior to application.

The principal resin of this type of putty is polyester mixed with styrene, which allows to adjust the viscosity of the putty. The hardener is dibenzoyl peroxide, being necessary a small proportion (3 to 5%) of this product to harden and solidify the putty.


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