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Selection of paintings - Painting System

The selection of paint system to be applied to a surface is one of the most important stages in the painting area, a wrong choice of paint system will negatively impact the cost, safety and quality of the product, spoiling all the time and effort invested in the preparation and painting.

The process of selection of paint products requires a broad and deep knowledge of the painting area, concepts such as surface preparation, application tools and machines, safety and environmental regulations, as well as the various families of paintings existing on the market are needed to define the paint products for an application.

During the phase of selection paint system we must take into account the following factors:


Paint application originates it by the need to protect the surface against corrosion, the need to provide an aesthetic finish, the need to provide specific functionality (luminescent antibacterial ...) or by the combination of some or all the needs described above.

In order to define the paint products, we must have the requirements that must meet the painted surface, for example does not use the same paint system for painting a ship compare for painting a plastic part of stapler due the requirements of paint a boat (corrosion, anti-fouling and aesthetic) are totally different from the requirements of the plastic stapler (aesthetic).


As we need to know the requirements of the paint, we need to know the environment at which the painted piece will be exposed, it no requires the same paint system a piece submerged under the cold water of Norway compare with a piece placed inside of an office, factors to consider may include:


Another of the most important factors that have to be considered during the selection of the paints is the substrate material which wish to paint, is not the same paint a metal, plastic, ceramic material or glass, depending on the type of materials we can use one kind of paint or other.

Within the same type of substrate we have to know some features of the material as porosity, adhesion, tendency to corrode, etc ... the paint used for painting aluminum may be different from the paint used to paint ferrous materials.


During the selection of paint system we must take into account the facilities, equipment and tools as well as the area and conditions where the paint is applied, it is useless to define a powder coating system when no application workshop has the tools, curing ovens and other facilities to implement it.

Health and environmental safety

All paints on the market are made by chemicals which can be harmless or dangerous to human health and to the environment, so it is important to know the current legislation of each country that refers to these terms, also risks and safety measures associated with the use of paints, latter information is contained in the safety data sheets of the products which are generated by the paint manufacturers.

Factors of health and environmental safety must be taken into account when selecting a paint system, we cannot select a solvent based paint if we do not have adequate means to prevent possible explosions by electrical issues, exposure to high temperatures etc. ...


Like everything in all projects the cost is one of the delimiting factors when selecting a paint system, always it complies with the requirements as well as other possible factors cited above.

Within the term cost will have to analyze in detail all the parameters involved in the application, parameters as the price of painting, equipment necessary for application, drying times that are directly related to energy consumption, application times, waste management, etc ...

painting system

To conclude the selection process of the paint system is an important milestone of the project that must be carried out by personnel with sufficient knowledge and experience in the paint area, may be it required to do validation testing to ensure application and quality of the painted product, being necessary to plan all these activities on time.

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