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Paint guns

The paint gun is the main tool that the painter has to do a job efficiently, effectively and with high quality, we can say that the spray gun is the painter's arm extension. There are several ways of apply the paint, the choice of method of application will depend among other factors:

We currently have the following methods of paint application:

Among all the application paint methods, the most commonly used and widespread in the paint area is the spray method, due to the excellent cost-quality which is obtained by using this system. Paint spray guns are the tools used for spraying paint, the use of these pistols divide the paint into small and fine droplets, subsequently deposited on the surface to be painted, obtaining high rates of deposition rate and excellent aesthetic finishes.

Currently in the market there are a wide range of paint spray guns, they all can be grouped according to the technology used to spray or atomizer the paint:

From first hand application gun launched in 1919 to the present day, paint guns have evolved making it more lightweight, compact, raising the rate of paints transfer, reducing the overspray and developing new technologies that improve the application of any type of paint.

paint guns

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