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Paint defects and paint damage

Paint defects are called to the set of imperfections, faults or deficiency that occur in the different layers that conform the coating system that generate during the paint application process, either through failure of development / formulation or production of the paint, failure in the process of mixing and application or failure in the tools and equipment used.

Paint damage are called to the set of imperfections, faults or deficiency that suffered the paint, over the life of use of the product due to the action of external effects such as bumps, scratches, projections, ultraviolet light, corrosive environments, etc...

Due the reasons describe above, is necessary to know the origins and repair procedures for defects or damage that may occur on painted surfaces, in order to avoid not recommended practices and perform the correct recovery process reversing the lower time and cost possible.

In order to do the paint repairs in efficient and effective way, have been developed specific tools and materials for refinishing area, extra fine sandpaper, polishes, paint compounding and polishing machine, are among other examples of materials used exclusively in the area of recovery and restoration of painted surfaces, refinishing.

Within the field of paint retouches have also developed techniques and methodologies for partial and faded paint from painted surfaces, avoiding the complete repainting of the piece with the consequent saving in time of application and materials. The objective of each of these techniques is to obtain a durable repair and undetectable by the human eye.

This section is referred to a number of defectology and damage that may occur on painted surfaces, each of these defects is explained possible causes that can cause it, recommended actions to prevent its occurrence, and the procedure to be performed to proceed their recovery.

Wrinkling in the paint

Blistering in the paint

paint defects

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