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Clean and degrease in paint process

Clean and degrease surface has as objective to remove the different contaminants that may exist on the surface of a material, contaminants such as grease, wax, oil, dust or other, due to transportation, handling or warehouse of the materials.

The process of cleaning and degreasing of the material is the first step towards the application of paint, lack of cleaning and degreasing directly produce a lack of adhesion of paint applied, losing all the time and effort invested in the application of paint.

The process of cleaning and de degreasing involved in 2 operations:

Depending on surface condition will be necessary to do a clean and / or degrease, if the material does not contain a high concentration of solid contaminants, products used in degreasing process are able to eliminate this type of contaminants.

Methods for cleaning and degreasing

Currently there are different methods or techniques can be used for carrying out the process of cleaning and degreasing, the optimum choice of materials and process is defined by:

Among the different methods of cleaning and degreasing we find:

clean and degrease

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