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Airmix - Airmix paint guns

Airless assisted with air or airmix guns combine the advantages of the conventional spray guns with the advantages of airless, joining excellent aesthetic finishes with high rates of speed of application and paint transfer.

Airmix refers to the trademark of gun that was first to launch to the market with this airless assisted with air technology. Kremlin was the company in the early 70's that launched the first Airmix, other trademarks call this gun as Air combi, Mistless ....

Airmix are the paint application guns which atomize the paint with a double spray:

Airmix advantages
Airmix disadvantages
    • High rates of transfer of paint.

    • Lower percentage of fog.

    • Lower consumption of diluents compared with conventional spray guns.

    • Low consumption of air compressed compared with airless.

    • High quality coating applied (good finish)

    • Low speed application compared with airless

    • Increased consumption of diluents compared with airless

    • Finished lower level compared with conventional spray guns.

    • Difficulty of cleaning the nozzles compared to airless.

These type of guns are frequently used in the paint application on medium / large surfaces, which require a certain level of aesthetic finish along with high speed application.

Now that you know the airless assisted air guns, did you know that the first airmix gun was released in 1975?, Thanks to this innovation the furniture industry experienced an improvement in their aesthetic finishes with a high productivity rates.


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