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Abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting process is the projection of abrasive materials at high speed on the surface of a substrate, such that the impacts of these abrasives clean the surface and generating certain roughness favourable for adhesion and anchoring of future layers of paint.

Abrasive blasting process is a mechanical efficient and effective method for cleaning and surface preparation of metal surfaces prior to painting process.

Abrasive blasting or shot blasting process is based on projected at high speed an abrasive jet previously selected according to the surface material to be clean as well as the roughness to be achieved.

The abrasive jet remove quickly the various contaminants placed on the surface, contaminants as surface oxides, mill scale, incrustation of foreign materials...

During the impact process the abrasive reaches high temperatures causing that part of the abrasive material it melt and become part of the blasted surface, this effect is known as triboplasma. For this effect is why it must carefully select the abrasive material depending on the material to be treated in order to prevent galvanic corrosion and contaminate the new surface blasted.

Once the surface is blasted is "naked" by the abrasive action, resulting high sensible to oxidation and corrosion, to prevent that the new blasted surface begins the process of corrosion we need to apply the first coat of antirust paint (primer) in a short period of time which is defined by environmental conditions (high humidity, industrial, etc ...) which is placed the blasted surface material.

Due to the impact that the abrasive produce during blasting process it can blend or break the workpiece in the case that the workpiece be thin or have a low strength to impact, that is why for metal parts below 1 mm of thickness is not advisable blasting process and also for fragile materials such as glass or plastics.

Blasting it can apply by manual or automatic way, depending on the type and geometry and the number of workpieces to be blasted, is defined the application of manual, automatic or robotic way.

The manual blasting process is a toxic and dangerous process to the person who realizes the operation, for this reason it must take prevent and health actions and provide suitable protective equipment like caps, leather overalls, assisted mask respirator…

abrasive blasting

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