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It produces a series of folds and undulations in the surface layer of paint lifting and giving a wrinkled appearance.

The origin of this defect is determined mainly by the action of solvents or reducers of the previous layers, which either by reacting with the substrate or because they are trapped and try to come out to the surface, lift and swell the last layer of paint.

This defect is usually located in the finish layers of paint an can be observed during application or after drying of the paint.


  • The solvent/reducer used in applying the last coat of paint reacts with the previous layer of paint and causing wrinkles.

  • Use of cleaning solvent incompatible, inappropriate and aggressive during the preparation/cleaning of surfaces.

  • The paint has not dried enough, so that the solvent swell without break the last layer of paint producing wrinkles.

  • Do not let the flash time between coats of paint to get the evaporation of solvents.

Example - When refinish a bilayer system (basecoat +clearcoat) before proceeding to paint clearcoat is used the same paint thinner or reducer to clean the surface, it reacts with the basecoat due this paint when dry is very sensitive, causing wrinkles.


  • Select the correct paint system, so that all products are compatible with both the substrate and between the various layers of paint.

  • Make sure the paint has dried correctly, thoroughly either by ratio of catalyst or curing time.

  • Respect the minimum flash times between coats.

Solution: Once the paint is dry to sand the wrinkled area until you reach the bottom layer without wrinkles, where once there seal and repaint the finish coat.

wrinkling in the paint

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