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Paintings are present daily in our lives, most of the objects we use and visualize are painted for aesthetic and / or functional reasons, we can see the paint on the furniture, houses, tags, phones, computers, boats, trucks, cars, nuclear station, space stations, etc ... countless objects around us are painted.

Many sectors and industries that use the paintings as part of their production processes, construction of buildings and civil engineering, maintenance companies, industries using inks printing, decoration industries, metallurgical industries, automotive, etc ... are examples of sectors using paints daily in his work.

Paint manufacturers generate turnover of hundreds of billions of Dollars, with this figure we can imagine the volume of objects that are painted annually.

Due the diversity of sectors using paints and turnover they generate, it is necessary to know the operation, the techniques and methods of paint application in order to select the right system and improve application processes, with the order to ensure quality, reduce cost and increase the life of the painted object.

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